Saturday, September 09, 2006

candy sushi

So, I stumbled upon not martha’s Candy Sushi, and I couldn’t resist. My friend Jenna’s birthday was Friday (see cupcakes!), but the celebration continues tonight. She’s treating our closest friends and I (“the hodgepodge”, as we like to say) to dinner at Saffron, a Moroccan restaurant here in Houston, and I wanted to give her something other than cupcakes! Since food is one of the principal reasons for our being friends, especially foreign food, I thought that the candy sushi would be the perfect gift. The only problem was, I didn’t like any of the recipes or results of the candy sushi I found online. Thus, I made up my own recipe! Also, I'm sure you could adjust the recipe for other gummy candies, but this was what I found in Central Market's bulk candy section yesterday.

Candy Sushi (makes enough for 10 pieces of sushi)
1 1/2 cups mini marshmallows, chopped
1 box green Fruit by the Foot
crystallized ginger, sliced for crab
green Swedish Fish, thinly sliced for cucumbers
mango fruit leather, thinly sliced for tuna, larger rectangles for tamago
black and red raspberry candies, outer layer sliced for roe
gummy cola tigers, halved for sea urchin
yellow and red gummy sharks, for shrimp or fish
Chop the mini marshmallows fairly finely, about the size of rice. This will be sticky, and that’s exactly what you want. Roll out the Fruit by the Foot, and place a small amount of the chopped marshmallows to cover about 2 inches down from the start of the roll.

For maki sushi (rolled sushi), place crystallized ginger with either the sliced Swedish Fish or fruit leather. Roll up, and wrap Fruit by the Foot around a few times, making sure it stays in place.

For gunkan-maki (roe sushi), add a little more marshmallow, then roll the sushi; cover marshmallow with sliced raspberry candies.

For nigiri sushi (normal sushi), form a rectangular piece of marshmallows, then top with gummy sharks, cola tiger, or fruit leather; wrap a thin slice of Fruit by the Foot around the middle, securing the sushi.
For pickled ginger, thinly slice the crystallized ginger.


Anonymous Andrew said...

Hey, this is Andrew (hurricanecowboy). I know absolutely nothing about baking, but I love reading your blog. I can't help but be interested in whatever you happen to be talking about at any particular time. Haha, as weird as that sentence sounded, it was supposed to be a compliment! Also, everything on this page looks really good. I'm sad I can't eat any of it.

2:17 AM  
Blogger ¦ ævinrude ¦ said...

Haha candy sushi! Nice idea! :p
Good blog for people who like to eat. :)

1:05 PM  

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